Scholarships for Students


More than $313,000 in scholarship funds are available to graduating Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District students through the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation. The scholarship application for students graduating in the 2015-2016 school year can be found on the application link of our website in the Fall of 2015.

Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $6 million in scholarships to more than 1300 graduates of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. The Foundation may award as many as five graduates from each high school with a scholarship each year. While some scholarships are endowed and thus funded annually, the total amount and number of scholarships awarded is dependent on financial support from community members.

Criteria for the scholarships varies slightly, but based on activities/leadership (25%), academics (25%) and financial need (50%). The scholarships include the following:

  • CY-FAIR EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - Scholarships of $10,000 and $2,000 awarded over two years to students at each Cypress-Fairbanks ISD High School.
  • THE CECIL HALL SCHOLARSHIP- Two scholarships awarded over four years to CFISD students, who will attend Texas A & M University .
  • THE ADAM JACKSON SKINNER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - One scholarship of $4,000 awarded over two years for a male CFISD student with high school drama, choir, team sports, debate or Boy Scouts of America participation.
  • THE ERIC BASSETT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - One scholarship of $20,000 awarded over four years to a Cy-Falls or Cy-Fair High School student who will attend Texas A & M University.
  • THE DYNEGY SCHOLARSHIP - One $500 scholarship for a CFISD student.
  • THE WATSON FAMILY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP - One $500 scholarship for a CFISD student.
  • CYPRESS FAIRBANKS MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Scholarship -Three $500 scholarship for a CFISD student entering the healthcare field.
  • THE KEVIN BORGFELDT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - One $500 scholarship for a Cypress-Fairbanks High School band student.
  • THE CHARLES COOK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - One $500 scholarship awarded to a Cypress-Fairbanks High School FFA student.
  • The Edwin C. Schroeder Trust - numerous $1000 scholarships to attend a college of the Lone Star College System.

Cy-Fair Educational Foundation invests in the future by providing scholarship funds for qualified students seeking education beyond high school and by funding instructional programs and projects for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District .

All references to scholarship amounts are based on historical awards, however, the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation reserves the right to adjust award amounts based on economic and market conditions.